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How to program GE Universal Remote without Remote Codes


The GE universal Remote can be used to control multipleelectronic devices, i.e. sound bars,smart TV, etc. To program universal remote control, you can useuniversal electric remote controls. You canalso use code search or the setup button to locate devices for programmingGE universal radios without codes. 

Many people search for GE Universal Remote Cods,but it is very simple. If you don't knowhow GE universal remotely codes , then these are the steps you can follow to
program GE universally without any codes .

How do I auto-program a GE Universal remote 

Step -1 Programming is done by turning on the required electricdevice. 

Step -2 Hold the code search button or the setup button on your GE remote controller until the light on the remotecontrols starts blinking. 

Step -3 The device button can be pressed on the remote control. To program GE universal remote to a TV or DVD player, press the DVD button. 

Step -4 Point the remote control at the Device, and then pressthe power button several times to program it. 

Step -5 To save the remote control code, turn off the device andpress the enter key. 

Programming of GE Universal Remote without Codes 

Step -1 Turn the device on. Keep the remote near the device you wish toprogram. 

Step -2 Hold the Setup button down until the LED button turns on. 

Step -3 Click the Right button 

Step -4 The component button will be assigned to your device. 

Step -5Next, press and release Power button until the device turnsoff. The universal remote will search the databasefor codes when you press the button. 

Step -6 Continue pressing the button until you find the correctcodes. If the device is not turning on, it is becausethe correct code has been retrieved from the database. 

Step -7 To save the code, press the Enter button. 

Step -8 To save the code, press the power button. It can be foundeasily by pressing the power button. 

Programming GE Universal Remote using the number searchmethod 

Turn on your device, and place the GE Universal Remote near the device you wish to program. 

Continue pressing and holding the Setup button on yourremote. Press and hold the button until the LED light onthe remote turns on. 

Click the button to activate the component. 

Enter the three-digit code (9-9-1). Hold the Channel + power button down until itturns OFF. 

To save the code, press the Enter button. 

To store the again in the database, press the Powerbutton. 

It is obvious that GE Universal Remote programming is easy. These steps will allow you to program GEUniversal remote control bysimply following these steps. These steps will help you programyour GE Universal Remote control without the need for codes. 


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